Particular topics of interest for the workshop include but are not limited to:

         Quality-aware query languages and query processing techniques

         Quality-aware integration and information source fusion

         Metrics for information quality, human-centred information quality metrics

         Quality Metrics for data mining results, measure of interestingness

         Detection of contradictory data, outliers, duplicates, inconsistencies, noise

         Mining for Patterns of non- or poor quality data

         Automatic Record Matching, Object Identification, Record Linkage

         Data Cleaning Techniques : data transformations, data reconciliation, data consolidation

         Cleaning of web pages, web links, duplicates on the web

         Error Correction

         Intelligent Data Preparation

         Models and frameworks for Information Quality and Trust

         Information Quality Assessment, Methodologies for Information Quality measurement and improvement

         Application-driven Information Quality: Bioinformatics, Marketing, CRM, e-Business, Geomedia, Scientific Application, etc.

         Data type-dependent Information Quality: Web, documents, multimedia, XML data

         Economic aspects of information quality